Mon coeur

When I come back with you, won’t you be tired having to translate things for me?

“No, because by then you will be able to speak French.”

To have someone who believes in you.

It means the world.


To love true.

Love does not need to be perfect

Love does not need to be perfect It just needs to be true.

In the night, my back to yours. You lift your arm and spread it across me, and it is a comfort. We find each other in the mountain of blankets, in the middle of your king bed. Through heartbreak, through hardships, you have held me close in the dark when I couldn’t see what would be coming next.

Love is a choice. A choice to make yourself vulnerable. I disagree when people say it is a sacrifice. In my opinion, true love doesn’t demand. It is something that grows from within, something small that takes root and encompasses all your other actions. An action that might have been a sacrifice once no longer is, when done in an act of love.

I give up on flashy love in favour for the quieter understated love that drives a man to move his king sized bed just in case the crumbly ceiling gives way and falls on his partner. It’s not a love that movies are written about – although the Theory of Everything does come close – but it is a more real love, it is a more genuine love than big declarations of love with no substance to back it up.

It’s not a super-exciting love, but it is something real, something solid that I can count on. It doesn’t keep count of wrongs, it grows as we make mistakes. You’re patient when I do stupid things, we laugh at each other and the only thing we really compete at is Sunny Seeds. Because love is a choice to live each tedious moment out, to hold your partner’s hand out of habit, to kiss for hours in the morning despite morning breath.

You have loved me beyond what I dreamt of, and I have loved you as my man. Happy Valentine’s Day, and here’s to happiness for us both.

Lest I forget

It’s been the end of a long week. Already, it’s the end of Week 3 of my practicum and things are going well. I’m loving the school I’m in and my colleagues have been absolutely lovely. It’s really true what they say – find someone to pay you (even though I’m unpaid) to do something you love, and you will never work a day in your life. It’s also astounding what a big difference staff culture and good colleagues can make to your working life. People say you ought to be professional and yes, you can work anywhere and show good work ethic – but honestly, working in an environment where your colleagues are out to tear you down and hog their resources is not conducive to a healthy state of mind.

Unfortunately, I’ve been down to 4 – 5 hours of sleep. After a normal school day I’m tired, but I still work on to 5 p.m. in the office anyway, before heading home. I’ll grab a shower and continue working. It’s not the most efficient but I’m hoping it’s enough to sustain me for the next few weeks.

So why am I writing this post? Just well, it’s been a really long week for me. So now I kinda want to crash in bed. But today is normally stayover night, and I’m stuck waiting on him to get back home before I can follow. Which kind of sucks. I just fell asleep (twice!) in Starbucks.

So I was whining inside to myself – but then I felt kinda ashamed afterwards. How many times before this had he waited on me to come home when I was out partying with my friends while he was comfortably tucked in bed? Instead of falling asleep, he waited till I got to his place at 2 a.m. a few times. So I guess I can exert my patience here.

I am learning, too.

Show not Tell

I was reading plenty of articles today on how to tell if your man loves you.

And then I realized it’s really irrelevant. Because, in many ways, you have shown me that you love me. When I teach English, we call it the show not tell technique. You have it in spades; your actions speak louder than words.