Portraits of Phuket and Ko Phi Phi


Two thai ladies, taking their lunch break in a small alleyway off Bangla Road. They emanate friendliness and the halting conversation between them and us nevertheless puts us in a positive mood for the start of our trip. One of them, her name was Pai, she helped us order a plate of fresh raw vegetables with their special sambal. And she also took the initiative to pour out cups of cold water for all of us. Genuine people like these make me want to pass it on, all the time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Near the end of day 1. Mandy and I driving on a scooter in the dark through the stinging rain. We were getting somewhat lost and slightly worried. Enroute, we bump into a tuktuk carrying a group of European passengers. “Patong? Are you guys going to Patong beach?” They reply in the affirmative and from then until we arrived behind their tail at Patong, they kept out looking for us to ensure we didn’t drop into some pothole or skid across the street.

Now we’re on the boat to Phi Phi Islands. Sitting next to me are 3 ladies from the South of France. A good conversation was had by all – made the journey pass by a lot quicker and in a more pleasant way.

Last but not least. In a small food shop at the Phuket Bus Terminal. Not only did our “chef” serve us a piping hot plate of fried pork with vegetables, she also slapped my legs with newspaper several times – in order to kill the mozzies sucking on my blood.

For sure we met a lot of people this trip. Some were sketchy, some were quality, some were people I wouldn’t ever remember again in the future. But these instances were the onesย that touched the heart and hopefully I will remember them for time to come ๐Ÿ™‚