Chocolates in Colmar

Colmar, timber, timbered houses

Colmar’s Half Timbered Houses

If you think that the above picture is from the set of Hansel and Gretel, well… you’re not alone. Cobblestoned roads, half-timbered houses, meandering streets that wind in between houses that looked that they might fall on you at any moment… Colmar was a page of a fairytale novel come to life.

St Martin's Church, in Colmar is entirely made out of pink stone (or shades of pink).

St Martin’s Church, in Colmar is entirely made out of pink stone (or shades of pink).

Wandering around its windy streets, we came across St. Martin’s Church, which was built in pink stone. I know it doesn’t look really pink here, but it’s most likely a product of the lightning (or lack thereof, in winter).

La petite Venice

La petite Venice

Enchanting Colmar is known as La Petite Venice (or Little Venice), as it bears a resemblance to the city of canals. Maybe with much imagination 😛 Colmar is beautiful on its own, but to liken it to Venice is to compare a domestic house cat to a majestic Tiger. Parallels exist of course, but nothing will ever touch the beauty and promise of Venice. Instead, Colmar should be appreciated for what it is and as it is rather than be dubbed a second Venice!

Route des vins d'Alsace (The Alsace Wine Route)

Route des vins d’Alsace (The Alsace Wine Route)

Before visiting Colmar, we drove along the winding roads that form the Alsace Wine Route. This is one of the oldest wine routes in France. The Alsace region produces a variety of wines, primarily white wine (that I determine from my very brief encounter!). The white wines are typically dry, but with a slight sweetness to them that I don’t encounter very often. Anyway, moving on.

My handsome chauffeur!

My handsome chauffeur! 😉

Wine Tasting!

Wine Tasting!

We stopped by on the way for a wine tasting; I tried Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, Riesling and a Muscat which are typically produced in the Alsace region. I also found out (as educated by JJ, who laughed at me when I compared a Muscat to a Moscato) that Moscato is an Italian wine. Pffft. They all come from the same family of grapes anyway, surely!

chocolatier, france, alsace

At a chocolatier

And of course, our first stop was at a chocolate factory to satisfy JJ’s sweet tooth.

It’s strange, I suddenly recall how Andrew always steered away from chocolates and desserts. I always found that sad – although I guess doing so would be quite good for me 😛 Still, give me a man who loves his sweets in life.