SideKnown to others as Clare, Clare bear or Clarey. I consider myself part of the Third Culture Kid demographic. I’ve lived in Australia from the ages of 15 – 25 , and for the last two years I’ve been working in Singapore.

Writing to me isn’t simply a passion or a pasttime, it’s a need. I write to keep my creativity flowing and to organize my thoughts.

While I can be known to enjoy the moment and party a fair bit, there’s also some depth to me when I leave the club! I’m simultaneously intense yet easy-going, dreaming of the next project to take on. I’m probably one of the more extroverted introverts you’ll ever meet – while I love to meet new people and socialize, I crawl into bed and ignore my phone for hours after. Because I can. Boring people tell me that classifies me as an Ambivert. I think Extra-Introversion sounds cooler 😉 Don’t you?

I’m on a pursuit of happiness – by finding the little things in life to be grateful about (such as great coffee). I’m a reflective educator constantly on a journey of self-discovery. Here is what I know. I was born in 1987 – the same year as one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters16Personalities says that I am an ENFP. Which means I like to argue for fun, I’m a quick thinker and am charismatic. However, it also means I can get bored easily by uber practical stuff, I can be argumentative and insensitive.

I have some of the most amazing girlfriends and guy friends in the world. At the moment, I am dating a man whom I adore, and he makes me laugh.

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