So you want to Scuba Dive?

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Open Water Dive

I’ve kinda never really thought about it, until some really awesome videos hit my Facebook feed. After that, it was constantly at the back of my mind until ADEX (Asia Dive Expo) rolled around and I saw SimplyScuba’s PADI Open Water Dive Package retailing at $370+. Yea… before I knew it, I had a registration sheet on hand and the rest was history.

The knowledge development (theory lessons) and confined water (pool session) were done with Simply Scuba, but because I ended up doing my actual dives in Singapore (Pulau Hantu), they attached me to Marlin Divers. Don’t get me wrong, Simply Scuba was nice … but Marlin Divers were fantastic and professional.

It hasn’t been exactly easy – but for sure, most of it is psychological. Some tips that I would have found REALLY helpful:

  1. You know how instructors say think about what you got to do (especially during the dives)? Well here’s a little bit more. After you’ve visualized what you need to do, STOP thinking about it. Next, focus on your breathing. In, out, in, out. As long as you’re breathing, things will be fine. Then just take your mask off or regulator out (or whatever you need to do). I thank my yoga classes for this. Despite everything, I just kept breathing!
  2. When it comes to full mask removal underwater, what happens to most divers is that the bubbles emerging from their regulator sends water up their nose. A good way to avoid this is to tilt your head slightly while removing your mask.
  3. A few times during one dive I almost wanted to give up because I had so much trouble equalizing my ears (probably because of the evil alcohol from the night before!). Again, just stay calm and ascend a few meters – and try to equalize again. My dive group ended up having to wait for me for a bit – but I was glad that I didn’t give up in the end.
  4. In your logbook, record the weights, wetsuit type, and cylinder type you used as well as in what conditions (salt or freshwater). It will come in handy for future dives.
  5. Did I mention, stay calm? Cos yeah, Keep Calm and Scuba On.

Last but not least – remember, if you gotta go, you gotta go (try to do it somewhat discreetly and not announce it to the whole world, though…).

And that’s one more off the bucket list, folks!

Pulau Hantu

Pulau Hantu


2015 Mid Year Lookback

June. Middle of the year (almost, more or less, give or take a couple of weeks). Best time for a review or reflection on how my life has been going in the past half-year because what good are goals or resolutions or bucket lists if you don’t constantly work at them, right? So here goes. (This is kind of the first time I’m actually concretely putting it down in writing. Hoping that yes, it makes me slightly more accountable for what I’ve done and pick up the slack on what I haven’t.

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Since I made this resolution, I’ve been to: Bangkok, Phuket, Siem Reap, Penang. Hong Kong is also planned in about a weeks’ time.

Putting this list on hold, because I would like to get my PADI open water cert before I resume travels – would like to dive in so many parts of SE Asia that it seems to be a waste to go without.

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This time last year, I knew a lot of people. I met a bunch of new people each weekend. Part of my getting over my ex and getting my social life going phase. Which was all good and fun (and diverse), but I’ve fallen into that trap before and I didn’t want to again. So I cut out the people that I knew I was humouring (and were just not good for me), and I daresay the people I keep close to me now are those who would lend me a couple k’s to tide me over (if I should ever need it) or help me bury dead bodies (hopefully I won’t ever need this).

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 4.43.48 pm

Nowhere near completion 😦 😦 😦 Need to look at this and schedule in daily writing time, otherwise this will never get completed. I’ve been pretty bad about doing this.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 4.43.52 pm


  • Teacher’s license – attained.
  • Fall in love again – attained. 🙂 And what a beautiful surprise it was.
  • PADI license – will be attained by end of this month.
  • Be fluent in another language besides English and Mandarin – so far, the french course is going great and I’m really enjoying it 😀

So where to next? In the next couple of months, I guess a few things I want to make sure I get done:

  • Cliff Jumping
  • Diving more with my diver’s license to prep for Advanced (needed to do some other dives that I want to do)
  • Kiss someone I love in the snow (totally doable!)
  • Get fitter (kinda required before tackling Mt Kinabalu or a few other items off my bucket list. I suppose stair climbing sessions are in order…)

All in all, I’m glad with how things are going. I guess my biggest setback was having to redo my practicum (and thus dragging out my bond period start), but this was offset by the fact that it made me appreciate my boyfriend and family more because he was there to support me when I needed it and cheer me on. At the same time, I’m happy that I cut out a lot of people who have not contributed to my life, because I’ve finally had the time to work on what’s important to me. So this has been a transitional period and I’m glad that I’ve still managed to get important things done in that time. So… all’s on track and can’t wait to see what else comes my way! 😉