At last I see the light

I’m 3 quarters way through my practicum. Just 18 more days left, less if my CTs take over their classes for the last week. I’m stoked and just want this to be over. I love what I do – but honestly, the stress of having people constantly watch my lessons and behavior all the time is almost more than I can bear. I guess this is the cross that Type A personalities have to bear – even though I know this is part and parcel of the learning process, I am altogether too stressed to submit half assed lesson plans or do shoddy work, and am rather upset and stressed when I do so. Cue 4 hours of sleep per night, which makes for an irritable person. I’m thankful for the amount of support my CTs, family and Ju has provided to be honest.

Batam Cable Ski Park

Batam Cable Ski Park – Julien managed to complete several circuits! So proud of him 🙂

I had a particularly restful weekend. Mostly owing to the fact that I was sick as a dog and really needed to catch up on the rest after the two observations on Thursday and Friday. I’m not sure why teaching Science is being particularly tough on me this round – I normally love teaching Science!

Anyway, for my weekend I accompanied Ju to Batam. He booked a full day cable skiing package at Batam Cable Ski Park (Waterfront City), which went for S$108 (inclusive of ferry tickets from Harbourfront Ferry Terminal to Sekupang Ferry Terminal). I brought along my work and completed it in the midst of having short naps in the sun.

We also ended up attending Ju’s friend’s housewarming and sleeping over at his friend’s place. It was rather spartan but to be honest (and as cheesy as it sounds), it was still heavenly to be able to fall asleep next to J and feel his arms around me. Irregardless of the fact that there was no air conditioning and we were pretty much sleeping on the floor. I was dead tired after my sun exposure though, and there were instances where I was literally falling asleep on my feet. Sometimes I think I really must suffer from narcolepsy.

Also, when we got back to Singapore and were talking in bed, I got invited to spend Christmas in France! I can’t wait 🙂 This really provides incentive to sign up for those Alliance Francais Conversational French lessons after my practicum is over as well. One more thing to look forward to. This weekend was one of those instances when I felt really blessed to be loved by J. There were a few moments I was annoyed, but I realized there was no point – I would have just been weirdly high maintenance. I really want us to work out. It makes a lot of difference from my past relationships, strangely. I’m learning when to take and when to compromise a lot more nowadays than in the past.

To get to Batam from Singapore, you may go to Harbourfront Ferry Terminal (closest MRT station: Harbourfront Station) and look for a ferry.

Batam Center station is the ferry terminal closest to Batam city, Sekupang is the ferry terminal closest to Waterfront city (for water sports), Nongsapura is the ferry terminal close to beach resorts and golf courses and Harbour Bay is located in the central business and commercial district.

Here are some ferry timings for your perusal – Batamfast Ferry Company | Sindo Ferry Company


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