Fire Fire Burning Bright

Slowly, you come awake. The neurons start sparking, your brain starts lighting up as consciousness grabs a hold of you. As you hover in that in between region of sleep and wakefulness, you wonder what has woken you up. There is no uncomfortable heaviness in your bladder, after all. Soon, an acrid smoky smell trickles into your room, and fills your lungs. You realise belatedly that your house is on fire. What would you save?

Someone asked me that question yesterday and well – I was stumped! Naturally, any human beings in the vicinity. And of course, my hamster Leonardo.

Next? Maybe my macbook? It has my yet-to-be-published bestseller, after all.

And then I was stuck.

And I suppose that is the freeing nature of having little needs and material possessions that you treasure.


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