Daily Snapshots; Perth my Second Home.

The memory is not infallible. Already, images have blurred and taken on a sepia tinge. Rose coloured glasses have been tossed aside in favour of donning a (sometimes heavy) coat of Practicality.  Some days, I wake up and expect to see the morning sunlight slanting in through my balcony and spilling onto my sheets of my Queen sized bed in Terrace Road. Sometimes I stand there, stop and breathe in – and I can almost feel the minuscule coarse particles of salt against my skin, the air carrying a hint of sea salt. And other days I can recall the feeling of never being able to warm up again, despite being bundled in flannel pyjamas and blankets, my feet in woolen socks and curled up under myself. Perth is, was, and always will be these icons to me.

The Black Swan

The Black Swan – an emblem from the seal of University of Western Australia.

London Court, Perth City Centre

London Court, Perth City Centre. I never shopped here myself but it never failed to stop me in my tracks to study the colours and contast of this place.

Where it all began - PLC

Where it all began – Presbyterian Ladies’ College. I will always recall letting off school and crossing the busy Stirling Highway to take the bus home.

Ye Olde Swan Brewery

Ye Olde Swan Brewery

Crawley Bath House

Crawley Bath House. Cycling from my apartment in the City to the University, this icon was a part of the cycling route I took.

Swan River

Swan River – the blueness is amazing.

46746_438161567632_5066088_n 47231_438161662632_412710_n 47231_438161672632_4637037_n

Broadway intersection

Broadway intersection. So many times I’ve passed by here, when walking from Broadway shopping centre to the apartment that I shared with Yan Hong.


Fairway. I used to live here and walk by here everyday in High School.

Walking down these roads take my mind down memory lane. I remember hot summer days where the heat would rise up the pavement and turn it a rusted brown, that was how intense the heat was. In contrast, there were those rainy winter days where the rain would seep down my stockings and by the time I got home, my toes would be wet through – and cold like little blocks of ice.

Also, I remember walking down and talking to neighbours like friends. There was no such thing as strangers in Perth, only people you’ve yet to meet.

Reid Library

Reid Library

Winthrop Hall

Winthrop Hall

Winthrop Clock Tower

Winthrop Clock Tower

Perth is one of those places that will forever hold most of my heart and mind. No matter what, I’ll still maintain that the bluest skies, the fluffiest clouds – nowhere does them like Australia.


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